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Selected Web Sites  A veritable warehouse of data contradicting a single-virus etiology of AIDS.
Durban Declaration Rebuttal   A rebuttal to the "Durban Declaration" published in Nature on July 6. In response to the views of dissident scientists who challenge the idea that HIV causes AIDS, an international group of scientists and doctors has released a manifesto called "The Durban Declaration" in an attempt to end debate on this critical world health issue. The journal Nature agreed to publish it in their July 6th issue. Included in this paper is the full text of their manifesto, along with interlinear comments that show how orthodox claims about HIV and AIDS have been repeatedly contradicted in the medical and scientific literature.
The Perth Group of HIV/AIDS dissidents  was formed in 1981 at the Royal Perth Hospital, teaching hospital for the University of Western Australia. The original members are the leader, biophysicist Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, emergency physician Valendar (Val) Turner and Professor of Pathology John Papadimitriou.
Duesberg on AIDS  Prof. Peter Duesberg's findings have been a thorn in the side of the medical establishment and drug companies since 1987. Instead of engaging in scientific debate, however, the only response has been to cut-off funding to further test Professor's Duesberg's hypothesis.
HEAL Toronto Alternative AIDS Information   HEAL - Health, Education, AIDS Liaison - is a nonprofit organization of volunteers working with the ever-growing, international network of scientists, journalists and researchers who question the many common beliefs surrounding HIV & AIDS. HEAL's mandate is to inform people of the evidence that challenges the HIV=AIDS Hypothesis.
Continuum   A leading international journal of culture, science and alternative health. Continuum attracts not only those who have been affected by immune related challenges and diagnoses like hiv/aids, but also those interested in the political, social and cultural discourses around health, science and alternative therapeutic approaches.
The Memory Hole  All is not necessarily lost.
Sumeria: The Immune System  A collection of resources form exploring alternative ideas in health, science, and spirituality.
Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society Features over 20 pages of referenced quotes on the underplayed toxicities of AZT as well quotes regarding concerns about the safety and efficacy of other "anti-viral" AIDS drugs
Alive & Well  A non-profit education, action and support network founded by a group of HIV positive diagnosed people who live in wellness without AIDS drugs and without fear of AIDS.
Women's Health Interaction
Presents a feminist exploration of AIDS.
Syphilis & AIDS  Déja vu: AIDS in historical perspective.
The AIDS Cult  Focuses on the psychological and social aspects of AIDS.
Free News: Índice del SIDA
Recopilación de publicaciones y documentos científicos que aportan nuevos datos y otras visiones sobre el SIDA, que cuestionan su origen vírico.


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