Reappraising AIDS



August 2000 (entire issue .pdf)  

"SOUTH AFRICAN AIDS REAPPRAISAL PANEL COMPLETES SECOND MEETING; HIV Scientists ban press, block debate, present no data." An interview with David Rasnick and African History professor Charles Geshekter. By Mark Gabrish Conlan.

July 2000 (entire issue .pdf)  

"The AIDS Blunder," by protease inhibitor expert David Rasnick. Rasnick, who holds a Ph. D. in chemistry and a B.S. in biology, discusses the medical science profession's increasing dependency on a failed hypothesis.

"The Viral Plague That Isn't," by African History professor Charles Geshekter. Geshekter, who has studied the continent extensively, discusses the implications of blaming the diseases of poverty on an innocent virus.

June 2000 (entire issue .pdf)  

South African AIDS Debate Panel Holds First Meeting in May  In preparing to host July's International AIDS Conference, South African President Mbeki made history as the world's first head of state to consult with scientists who reject the HIV explanation of AIDS. This outraged many powerful quarters that demand an ignorance and suppression of such views. Mbeki responded by assembling an international panel that included "dissident" scientists. Here Mark Conlan interviews "heretic" scientists Peter Duesberg and David Rasnick. In May, the two participated in the panel's first scheduled meeting, where participating HIV scientists managed to suppress any debate or presentation of facts. They also declined to engage in the Internet discussion meant to bridge the first meeting and the second, to take place in early July, just before the conference. Yet one CDC official reportedly agreed to work with Duesberg on an experiment to test the HIV-AIDS model.

May 2000 (entire issue .pdf)  

Is everybody positive? Is anybody infected by HIV?  Researcher Roberto Giraldo, MD, finds that when the HIV antibody tests are administered like other viral antibody tests, every body seems to test positive. But he finds no reason to think that anybody who tests positive is infected by any virus at all.

ELISA and Western blot testing  In this general discussion of the tests used to indicate viral infections, fatal paradoxes emerge for the belief that HIV causes AIDS, and that these tests identify people infected with any virus.

April 2000 (entire issue .pdf)  

India holds AIDS reappraisal conference  Government and university officials encourage, attend, and participate.

Major rock group Foo Fighters support AIDS reappraisal  Celebrity endorsements helped convince people to look past the evidence and believe in a sexually transmitted, virus-caused "AIDS" epidemic. Now a chart-topping band uses its popularity to advertise the facts.

March 2000 (entire issue .pdf)  

South African president Mbeki takes on the AIDS industry  Journalist Tom Bethell examines the extraordinary developments from South Africa, where a head of state finally takes seriously the facts about HIV and AIDS.

February 2000 (entire issue .pdf)  

Major African magazine reappraises HIV-AIDS model  Led by Editor Baffour Ankomah, New African scrutinizes reports of doomsday epidemic and the assumption that HIV is the cause.

Other news   Gear Magazine describes the "anti-HIV" drug "cocktails" as "science fiction"; a new "dissident" chapter of ACT-UP forms in Hollywood; Roberto Giraldo, MD, succeeds David Rasnick, PhD, as president of RA Group; "Reappraising AIDS" to change name to "Rethinking AIDS.

January 2000  

ABCNEWS Producer Nicholas Regush Doubts the HIV explanation of AIDS and considers alternative explanations in his column, "Second Opinion"  But will he ever get accurate data and sensible analysis onto the stories he produces for World News Tonight, Nightline, & 20/20?

Tysons Regain Custody of Infant Son Felix  An HIV-positive mother who's examined the science and the laws finds no reason why she should follow the official advice to withhold breastmilk and administer AZT. The court disagreed, but reunites her with her infant in exchange for her acquiescence.

December 1999  


THE FINAL ACT: Should HIV-AIDS Critics Question the Existence of HIV?  The Australian HIV-AIDS research team led by biophysicist Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos answer their fellow AIDS reappraisers who wish to ignore their doubts about HIV's very existence. They have scoured the scientific data in search of reasons to believe that HIV exists.

About the Perth Group  Eleopulos's team comprises MDs who sit with her on the medical faculty at the University of Western Australia, in Perth, (including Val Turner) and a physician who heads the medical research department at Universidad Metropolitana in Colombia.

November 1999  


DUESBERG & RASNICK REVIEWED: Can Drugs Alone Really Explain American AIDS?  Epidemiology professor Gordon Stewart, MD, lauds the new Duesberg-Rasnick treatise published in the medical journal Genetica. He agrees with the two UC-Berkeley scientists that HIV cannot cause AIDS, whereas factors like street drugs and anti-HIV pharmaceuticals can. But he thinks a complete picture of AIDS emerges only by additionally considering some factors Duesberg and Rasnick overlook, such as repeatedly acquired STDs and the drugs used to treat them.

Univ of British Columbia Biochem Prof Jim Hudson Reappraises AIDS  With over 30 years experience investigating viruses, he confidently discards the idea that HIV can cause AIDS.

Editor's Desk  The New York Post declined to publish this letter by the RA editor supporting an essay it did publish, by Michael Fumento, author of The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS.

October 1999  

Paradigm Under Pressure  Epidemiology professor Gordon Stewart, MD, concludes from first-hand experience and careful observation that censorship explains the popularity of the HIV explanation of AIDS.

Harvard/Berkeley Biochem PhD Wayne Rush Reappraises AIDS  A PhD biochemist with degrees from Harvard and Berkeley concludes that HIV cannot explain AIDS.

Editor's Desk  A Math professor from Florida A&M University recalls the Editor's days as a biology/chemistry student who got in trouble with faculty members and administrators for daring to disseminate the facts about HIV and AIDS--and to apply scientific rationale to them--on campus.

September 1999  


Doctors urge mandatory HIV testing for all expectant mothers  Recent Tyson ruling means forced fetal-infant AZT administration and breastmilk ban for few who would test positive.

AZT causes birth defects, cancer  Evidence mounts showing that AZT causes birth defects and cancer. Yet HIV doctors worry more that the new evidence will discourage AZT consumption than they do about its grim consequences and obvious implications.

HIV can't explain AIDS  Professor Gordon Stewart, MD, tells why he thinks we must look beyond HIV to explain AIDS.

Editor's Desk, by Paul Philpott  Even Philpott's friends fall for "Manufacturing AIDS hysteria"; he finds "More obits for Academic Freedom" in The Lancet (concerning the Einstein Med School "un-invite" of Duesberg and Serge Lange's condemnation of it) and The Chronicle of Higher Education; and he writes an LTE regarding the "Florida AIDS official Peirpont resignation."

August 1999 

Did Africans get HIV from chimps?  Not likely, asserts biophysicist Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos in her latest paper rejected by Nature. 

Other recent writings by the Eleopulos research group in Perth, Australia  A rejected letter to Nature responding to a published article by Robin Weiss claiming isolation; citations for three published articles, including one published in the journal, Current Medical Research and Opinion

July 1999 

Florida AIDS official Pierpont resigns in protest  Cites "greatest violation of informed consent in history." Celia Farber talks to Mark Pierpont, the Florida AIDS "education" supervisor who sides with scientists who reject the HIV explanation of AIDS and support favor alternative explanations, including narcotics and malnutrition.

Mark Pierpont's resignation letter  

Is AIDS officially a rare disease in US?  It appears so, according to the official definition of "rare disease" and the few number of Americans diagnosed with "AIDS."

The Myth of academic freedom Article in British magazine favorably reviews a book that presents Duesberg's experience as among several examples of professors shutting down colleagues who buck consensus.

Editor's Desk A new book reappraises all of cellular biology, and Editor Philpott discusses his recent debate with HIV officials in Tallahassee, Florida.

June 1999

Tyson family loses in Oregon court Eugene judge denies HIV-positive mom right to breastfeed, assigns permament custody of infant to state.

African delegates reappraise AIDS US Information Agency presents Maggiore & Rasnick, by Christine Maggiore.

November / December 1998

Retrovirus Pioneer Rejects HIV-AIDS Model No retrovirus can cause AIDS, virus isolation expert Etienne De Harven, PhD, concludes.

Retroviruses: The recollections of an electron microscopist, by Dr. Etienne De Harven.

University of Alabama-Birmingham Professor Rob Hodson, MD, reappraises AIDS

October 1998

Maine mother Valerie Emerson wins court fight against HIV doctors Mom decides treatment, not HIV, causes AIDS; State sought custody to impose cocktail drug therapy.

Letter from Valerie Emerson

Emerson ruling a milestone for reappraisers

September 1998

HIV Hysteria Leads UN To Launch Anti-Breastfeeding Campaign Proponents recognize that initiative will cause even HIV-negative impoverished women to stop breastfeeding.

Mothering Magazine Reappraises AIDS Again

August 1998

What Really Happened in Geneva Physician Robert Giraldo and Journalist John Lauritsen at the 1998 AIDS Conference in Geneva.

Fear and Loathing in Geneva Celia Farber at the Geneva AIDS conference reflects on the sorry state of AIDS journalism.

Group's Board Meets in Berkeley Strohman and Johnson make room for Giraldo and Maggiore.

July 1998

The Failure of "New Victories Against HIV" Protease inhibitor expert David Rasnick, PhD, rebuts aScientific American report entitled "New Victories Against HIV."

A Case of AIDS Caused by AZT?

May / June 1998

Does HIV Exist? An interview with Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, by Christine Johnson.


April 1998

Cocaine & Marijuana Suppress Immune Cells

Heroin Use Boosted by Belief that HIV Causes AIDS

AZT Increases Mortality, Cocktails Unproven, Five UK Scientists Assert

Free Needle Programs Spreading HIV?

Dave Sonntag, Toxicologist Reappraiser in Cincinnati

Doug Roise, Pathologist Reappraiser in North Dakota

Denise Kalm, Geneticist Reappraiser in California

February / March 1998

HIV Is Real, But Harmless An interview with Peter Duesberg by Mark Gabrish Conlan.

The Colombian Conference and the Nature of Science An interview with David Rasnick, PhD, by Mark Gabrish Conlan.


January 1998

$185 Million More Tax Dollars for AIDS Drugs Clinton and Gore want to use the budget surplus to increase annual federal AIDS spending by $185 million to purchase anti-HIV drugs for people with no insurance. Drug companies are sure to share their new windfall with the "AIDS support groups" who lobby for federal HIV spending. Tax-payers will go along only because they buy the myth that "everybody is at risk."

Heterosexual Cases? Health officials reappraise a large sample of Chicago's "heterosexual" AIDS cases, and reclassified 69% into other categories. The officials say that the "heterosexual" category has been inappropriately used as a default category for all cases in which official risks have not been identified.

Vaginal Transmission? Scientists conclude that Hepatitis-C virus might not be transmittable by vaginal intercourse. Interestingly, an earlier study of HIV yielded roughly the same data, but the authors of that report did not question the assumption that vaginal intercourse transmits HIV.

November / December 1997

Sex, Lies, and HIV Transmission A new book by medical psychologist Stuart Brody concludes that rectal intercourse and unsterile needles - not vagina intercourse - are the real heterosexual HIV risk factors. By Paul Philpott.

The Nushawn Williams Affair Health officials promote homeless bisexual New York City dope injector and 10 female sex partners as heterosexual HIV cases. But drug injecting and anal intercourse, not vaginal intercourse, are implicated. There is only a 1 in 10 trillion chance that vaginal sex is the only vector when HIV+ man has 100 female partners and 10 become HIV+. By Paul Philpott.

The Math A calculation of the probability of a man transmitting a virus to a number of women.

September / October 1997

Why Africa? According to the HIV-AIDS model, AIDS is new, and is caused by a new virus, HIV. Supporters of this view imagine that HIV was introduced to the human population in sub-Saharan Africa, and spread from there to the West. Why? By Paul Philpott.

Reappraising AIDS in Africa Millions of Africans have long suffered from severe weight loss, chronic diarrhea, fever, and persistent coughs. In 1985 Western researchers suddenly defined this cluster of symptoms as a distinct syndrome, AIDS, and declared that it was caused by a single virus, HIV, which they considered to be sexually contagious. By Charles L. Geshekter, Professor of African History, California State University, Chico.

June / July / August 1997

The Isolation Question Does HIV exist? Do HIV tests indicate HIV infections? Here's why some scientists say no. How and Australian biophysicist and her simple observations have taken center stage among AIDS reappraises. By RA Publisher/Editor Paul Philpott.

About the Australians Here you'll find information about Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos and her co-authors, a list of their other papers, links to sites where those papers are posted, and contact information.

Isolation 101: The Basics Everything you need to know to understand the Isolation Question. Such as, how to isolate a virus and its constituents; how to construct ELISA, viral load, antigen, Western blot, Southern blot, and Northern blot tests; how to prove that a virus causes a disease; active vs. inactive infections; and the role of virus cultures. By Paul Philpott.

March 1997

"Non-Infectious HIV is Pathogenic" David Rasnick reports from the 1997 AIDS conference, which he attended as a protease inhibitor expert with over 15 years experiance as a pharmaceutical chemist in San Francisco. He reveals what happens when HIV proponents are presented with clear data demonstrating that drug-resistant mutations of HIV cannot explain the failures of anti-HIV medicaions, and why the viral load test actually indicates very small numbers of viable HIV. Rasnick has a PhD in chemistry and an undergraduate degree in biology from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and now works with Peter Duesberg as a resident AIDS researcher at the University of California at Berkely.

The Big Tease A 1997 article from the Amhearst Valley Advocate by Mark Anderson. Rasnick shows that HIV protease studies, even those imploying "cocktail" therapy, fail to show any clincial benefits for AIDS patients, despite wildly optimistic press accounts.

The Drug-AIDS Hypothesis A 1997 technical paper that Rasnick wrote with Duesberg in which they detail why they believe that HIV is totally harmless, and that street drugs and anti-HIV medications explain over 90% of all AIDS cases in the United States.

October 1996

Viral Load There was a time not long ago when one of the best arguments against the HIV theory was that there simply was not enough HIV in AIDS patients to account for any disease. Actually, it's still one of the best arguments! By Paul Philpott and Christine Johnson.

August 1996

Inhibitors of HIV Protease Useless Against AIDS Because HIV Does Not Cause AIDS Protease inhibitor expert David Rasnick explains how he initially accepted the infectious AIDS model, and then came to reject it.

Blinded by Science A 1997 article published by Spin magazine in which Rasnick retells and updates his story.

July 1996

What HIV/AIDS Epidemic? Editor Paul Philpott uses the CDC's 1995 HIV/AIDS Year-End report and other documents to show that:

  • American AIDS cases started declining in 1993--for all groups, even women and blacks--although health officials continue to claim that AIDS is "growing"--especially for blacks and women.
  • Among heterosexual Americans with no histories of drug injections or blood transfusions, the HIV rate is a tiny one per 7,000.
  • The tiny HIV rate for average Americans has never increased above it's current rate of one per 7,000.
  • Only 5% of all American AIDS cases are classified as "heterosexual."
  • Most "heterosexual" American AIDS cases involve gays and drug injectors who lie about their status, drug users who don't inject, and people who got sick only after consuming AZT and other "anti-HIV" drugs.
  • The transmission frequency for HIV is only once per thousand unprotected coital acts. Coupled with the rare occurrence of HIV outside the risk groups, the risk of the average American contracting an HIV infection from a random unprotected sexual encounter is only one in seven million. That's less likely than a hole-in-one!

Are Gay AIDS Patients Drug Users? A survey of articles from the medical journals showing that between 93% and 100% of all AIDS patients who identify themselves as "gay or bisexual men" also admit to consuming cocaine, speed, heroin, or poppers.

April 1996

First HIV-positive Lab Chimp Finally Develops AIDS After Eleven Years Or so say funded HIV boosters. Editor Philpott takes a closer look.

AIDS in Africa? Most Patients are HIV-negative! Editor Philpott scours the medical library and finds that lots of people in Africa qualify for an AIDS diagnosis. But most of them test negative for HIV.

"Anti-HIV" Drugs Not Specific The press discusses "anti-HIV" drugs as if these substances specifically target HIV. But the list of serious "side effects" demonstrate that none of these drugs target HIV--and some even cause the conditions they supposedly prevent.

February 1996

Darby Debunked The famous hemophiliac study by Sara Darby that supposedly proves a role for HIV in AIDS actually points towards non-contagious factors rather than HIV. Darby Debunked.pdf