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The Group's members include medical scientists, physicians, and other professionals from around the world who encourage a serious and open reconsideration of the HIV explanation of AIDS. The Group's members have identified solid scientific reasons to conclude that: 

  • HIV may be entirely harmless.
  • People diagnosed with "AIDS" may be sick not from HIV infections, but rather from other factors, such as one or more of the following:
    • Direct or indirect effects of recreational drug consumption.
    • Immunological exposure to foreign proteins, such as through hemophilia clotting factor therapy and blood transfusions.
    • Impoverished living conditions.
    • Toxic chemotherapy with "anti-HIV" pharmaceuticals such as AZT and protease inhibitors.
    • Psychosomatic terror inspired by a positive HIV diagnosis.
  • Within the AIDS risk groups, AIDS conditions may be common even in people who test HIV negative. This indicates a need to look beyond HIV in order to explain AIDS, and a need to reconsider the official AIDS definition, which limits diagnoses to patients with presumed or diagnosed HIV infections.
  • Pharmaceuticals prescribed to treat HIV infections may actually cause some cases of AIDS.
  • Most people who test HIV positive may have no active HIV infections, including many AIDS patients.
  • Contrary to the public health message that "everyone is at risk for HIV and AIDS," the vast majority of even sexually active Americans have no significant risk of either.
  • Public officials, medical scientists, and social activists may have:
    • accepted the infectious HIV/AIDS model with out properly scrutinizing it; and
    • dismissed alternative models without properly considering them; and
    • created an environment in which their peers feel unable to express conclusions that contradict the HIV explanation of AIDS, for fear of severe political, professional, and social penalties.

The Group formed in 1991 in support of a letter urging a scientific reappraisal of the HIV-AIDS model. No medical journal would publish this letter, even after hundreds of physicians, scientists, and other professionals endorsed it.

The Group's Mission Statement

1) To develop, articulate, and promote rational scientific discourse on the subject of HIV and AIDS.

2) To advocate the absolute right for students, professors, physicians, scientists, government officials, and everyone else to think freely and speak openly on the subject of HIV and AIDS without fear of professional, social, political, economic, or criminal penalties.

3) To assemble scientists, physicians, and other informed people who support these views, and make them available for commentary and consultation to interested social groups, media outlets, government agencies, professional organizations, and individuals.

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The Group's Board of Directors

October 2000.pdf  

Might HAART help? Overlooked studies show that the so-called "HIV Protease Inhibitors" profoundly and directly suppress two of the main opportunistic infections observed in "AIDS" patients: P. carinii and Candida. This could explain why some "HIV-positive" people experience improved health when consuming these poisons. By Paul Philpott

Can Narcotics use help explain AIDS in Africa? In discussing "AIDS" in Africa, critics of the HIV explanation tend to focus on abject poverty as providing the best explanation. Defenders of the HIV explanation insist that some African "AIDS" cases develop among the non-impoverished. The possibility that such cases involve narcotics offers a more reasonable explanation than the idea of a sexually transmitted retrovirus. By Paul Philpott

South African president Thabo Mbeki continues to stand strong against pressure to uncritically embrace the HIV model of AIDS. By Paul Philpott

Decrease HIV transmission by having more unprotected sex. That's the logical implication of the illogical conclusion offered by authors of a new study examining African heterosexual prostitutes. The logical conclusion: the data used to indicate "HIV transmission" actually indicates nothing of the sort. By Paul Philpott

September 2000.pdf  

"Media watchdogs blast fumento; Has the politicization of AIDS left science in the lurch?" The political left assumes that a liberal media watch organization like FAIR would critically examine the HIV/AIDS hysteria from the medical-industrial complex. They would be wrong. By Christine Johnson and Steven Kurvink

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